What can you expect from our HypnoBirthing® classes?

  • learn and practice deep relaxation techniques
  • an understanding of instinctive birth
  • fear releasing exercises
  • birth affirmations
  • birth preference and planning tools
  • self hypnosis
  • visualization
  • deepening techniques
  • contemporary and interactive exercises
  • an overview of special circumstances and medical options
  • all material is included


Thank you, Charmaine and team, for providing the best Hypnobirthing classes. Though I signed up in the last minute, they worked on a customized schedule for me and completed it on time. I had a very calming, positive birthing experience, and I’m grateful for having chosen this team for introducing me to hypnobirthing. Thank you graceful birthing.

I worked with Doula Services, and I must say I am very happy with their services. I got Charmaine, who is AMAZING! Her energy, her vibe, her dedication, her warmth, her experience, her sense of humour, her smile, and her stories will not only serve you in this delicate journey but will make it ten times better and easier. My pregnancy and birth turned out to be much more difficult towards the end, and she was there for us all the way, supporting us in a way that made me feel like I had family by my side. She is just light in any dark place or in any place for that matter. She just makes everything easier and better for you. All my fears, my worries, and my pregnancy complications – they were much more bearable because Charmaine was there to share her wisdom and emotional support with us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing soul to support them in the great but delicate and unpredictable journey of pregnancy and birth. She knows exactly how to guide you to make the best of everything. Love you, Charmaine! Thank you for everything! You are Light! Divine Light!

Apart from pregnancy journeys being tiring, they can also be filled with anxiety thinking about the labour day. But with Hypnobirthing and a trainer like Charmaine, I can guarantee that they will be much better, peaceful and make you look forward to the birthing day. Charmaine has been one of the most passionate, knowledgeable, hypnobirthing experts I have come across. I came to know about hypnobirthing really late, and I am grateful for the team and Charmaine, who could customize a schedule to best fit my due date with all training topics completed and give me enough time for practice. My husband and I would look forward to her classes, which included numerous pain management practice techniques, meditations, positive birthing videos, handouts, etc. My birthing was calm, gentle and empowering, and I owe a lifetime of gratitude to Charmaine. Thank you once again, and I pray and wish you good luck in helping more women experience the true joy of birthing as mine. 

Charmaine has a genuine passion for what she does and makes a true effort to connect with her clients. From the first day my partner and I met her (over Zoom) she showed so much enthusiasm and positive energy for the birthing process and for helping us navigate birth as first-time parents. We took her virtual hypnobirthing class, and she was great with flexibility and sharing information in a digital format. In each class, she showed us warmth and compassion and was really interested in understanding our needs and interests. She offered me a separate fear release class once the hypnobirthing course was completed and she took the time to go through my (long) list of fears and anxieties, working through each one with me. We were so sad that we wouldn’t be able to have her with us at the birth because our birth location had to change. We would absolutely recommend Charmaine to anyone who is looking for knowledge, warmth and support during their birthing journey.