The Giving Tree Services offer multi-services.

All of our services are about the beautiful nature of giving the natural resources that are at our disposal for love, health, wellness and happiness.  We believe in the Tree of Life offering us better choices and better ways to live. Our services are for any and everyone that is seeking a natural, safe and proven effective solution to overall health and wellbeing.

Charmaine Hinds:

Charmaine has been a Birth Doula/ Coach for 27 years.

Her mission has been to assist others, specifically those strong females navigating womanhood in every transition. Her passion is for those wanting to birth in a natural cadence with creation. Her work creates a sacred space for birthing while they navigate with radical responsibility, personal power, and freedom. She is known as The Baby Whisperer because she has a special gift to pre-bond with unborn babies and newborn infants. Charmaine combines her love of birth and parenting with deep inner healing work,massage therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki therapies to support families toward greater well-being. 

~ No person births alone!~

Her experience has assisted her birthing clients and their families in the following ways;

  • Multi-certified Full-Spectrum Birth Doula /coach
  • Certified SBD Bereavement advocate and Postpartum Doula
  • Breastfeeding coach / LL Leader
  • Birthing Supernaturally Childbirth Educator and Full Spectrum Doula Trainer Programs
  • Certified Hypnotherapist/ HypnoBirthing International 
  • Experienced Mother of 5 now adult beings

She is also a Transition Specialist trained in multiple healing techniques and strategies that alleviates fear and trauma within the reproductive journey.

  • A Registered RYMMz Master teaching 63-day Transformational Experience
  • Mindful MOVE-meant Meditation Workshops
  • Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Somatic Movemeant®
  • Reiki/RYMMz Spiritual massage
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Breathwork facilitator

She is an author who has written several manuals, books as well as her own online courses.  

As a result of her words, physical interactions, coaching, ongoing conversations, and resources that she provides, everyone she meets, including friends, family, clients, individuals, and organizations, become self-motivated and equipped to come into greater realms of radical responsibility, personal power and freedom as they embrace their individuality and unique design. 

The energy and passion that she brings to life, help others not only find their purpose but also want to release the treasure within themselves.


                                                   Bereavement Doula Advocate

Our Giving Tree Doulas

                          Movement Specialist

Helen Monge – She is fully qualified as a Full Spectrum Doula and has proven to be an excellent resource person for all areas pertaining to Birth and Childcare. Her passion and dedication to her service have proven invaluable to many families.

Helen has diligently worked in a volunteer capacity for many years with Pregnancy Care Centre, Vanier Correctional Centre for Women and elsewhere. She has provided compassionate care to women facing pregnancy, and Postpartum care, giving them prenatal educational support as well as emotional care. She is a valued member of the Hispanic community.

Tricia BousquetShe is a disciplined, passionate Child Educator and Childcare Provider. With over 30 years of experience working with diverse children with varying abilities, She has mastered the balance of caring for and teaching the whole person. She personifies the comfort and assurance required in child development.

As a wife for 24 years, and a mother of five beautiful girls, she is no stranger to the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of growing children. She thoroughly and genuinely enjoys being with and supporting families. Being a life learner is who she is. She understands the needs of a new family and wants to come alongside them in this wonderful yet unexpected time in their lives.

Transition coaching and personal consulting 

              Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

Eva Bousquet – Full Spectrum Doula Eva is a certified Full-Spectrum birth, bereavement and postpartum Doula, supporting mothers and their partners during pregnancy and after birth.  Giving birth is a natural and sacred process, not a medical procedure, and she believes that every mother has the ability to use her natural power to bring life through her body while comfortable and calm.

Eva is deeply honoured and grateful to have the privilege to accompany women who choose to go on this sacred journey and work to reconnect them with the power given by the Creator to bring forth life. 

Paola Charria is a passionate and caring certified Full-Spectrum birth, bereavement and postpartum Doula. She is a mother of two children, boys aged 20 and 11 years old. She has trained and certified with Birthing Supernaturally and Still Birthday. With 21 years of experience working as a professional aesthetician, she has had the opportunity to connect and care for many women through her amazing beauty, aromatherapy treatments, relaxation and breathing exercises.

Becoming a Doula has been one of her biggest achievements. Knowing that she can help women and share her personal experiences with them makes her very happy.

Anastasia James is a trained and Certified Holistic Doula serving the GTA and surrounding areas. She has received her certification through Doula Canada, Still Birthday and Birthing Supernaturally. She is a wife and mother of a robust 2-year-old daughter. Birthing her led her to pursue the doula journey, although she has always had a heart for children.

Pregnancy gives her joy, but what elevates that joy is empowering a mother to bring that life into the world. Coming from a background where labor resorted to trauma or unnecessary intervention, her goal was to escape that for herself, while providing knowledge to other women on how to break that cycle as well.