The Giving Tree is about the beautiful nature in giving of the natural resources that are at our disposal for love, health, wellness and happiness.  We believe in the Tree of Life offering us better choices and better ways to live. Our services are for any and everyone that is seeking a natural, safe and proven solution to overall well being.

Our mission is to provide wholeness for the body, mind, spirit and soul of a person. We provide wellness practices to each individual that is open to an alternative to what is presently being offered today in mainstream health and wellness services. We believe in treating the whole person to attain results that are lasting and permanent. Join today and start receiving our free newsletter.

We offer online, public and private classes in all of our services.

  • The Basics of Essential Oils 101
  • Birthing Supernaturally
  • HypnoBirthing
  • Inner Healing
  • The Benefits of Spiritual Massage
  • Bereavement Companion
  • Doula Dance
  • Somatic Stretch

You can contact us for a complimentary well-being consultation.  We are a part of a greater network that can service your needs no matter where you are located.


We offer a variety of services

  • Birthing Supernaturally Doula
  • HypnoBirthing Doula
  • Full Spectrum Doula
  • Bereavement Doula Advocate
  • Doula Dance Movement specialist
  • Spiritual massage therapy
  • Inner Healing facilitator
  • Essential Oil Wellness Advocate
  • Identity Life coach