Creating Positive Birth Experiences

Through Education, Compassion & Care

We teach public and private prenatal classes, answer concerns and questions in regards to pregnancy, labor, and delivery, working alongside each family to provide a suitable birth plan preferences for each family. We teach about removing the fear factor and allowing a woman’s body to work according to its natural design, we encourage each family to create a safe space for their baby to be birthed into.   Our ultimate final goal is a healthy mother and healthy baby. Our classes are based upon the Birthing Supernaturally method and have proven successful with many families. 

Outcomes of our Hypnobirthing classes

  • Shorter stages of labour 
  • Less discomfort in labour 
  • Parents can powerfully navigate the medical system
  • Mother and partner have adequate tools to aid in labour and birthing

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing® is a tried and proven technique, as well as a philosophy that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It is a program that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn, independent of context, whether that be in the quiet of a home, a hospital, or a birth center.

The HypnoBirthing® program is built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, attention to nutrition, and positive body toning. Most importantly it fosters an air of mutual respect for the birthing family, as well as the healthcare provider in a traditional healthcare system or an alternative setting.

We know you have many choices and many decisions to make for your birthing experience. You have choices in selecting your care provider and you have choices in selecting the environment in which you will bring your baby into the world. Another important choice is that of the childbirth education classes you will choose to prepare for the birth of your baby. We know you will be happy with your choice of HypnoBirthing®, a premium childbirth education program.

We offer 5-week HypnoBirthing program. Our sessions are online, public, and private classes as well as a Hybrid model for those that are Doula clients.

Public Sessions: 

This cost-efficient option is offered a few times a year to non-doula clients of the Giving Tree Services.  Book a complimentary consult to see what this might look like for you.


At the Giving Tree services we understand that some families would prefer the option of selecting to have a private schedule that works for them as well as more focused attention to their specific needs so we offer this as a viable option. Book a complimentary consult and discuss what this might look like for you.               


At The Giving Tree Services we have made the full HypnoBirthing program available virtually and accompanied by our HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Many families do not have a Hypnobirthing program close to their location or unavailable during a timeslot that works for them. These classes are designed for you.

Hybrid Classes:

This model of HypnoBirthing Program is a combination.

  • Session #1  This is a private prescheduled class for the first week
  • Sessions #2, #3, and #4 are all done weekly online via Zoom
  • The last session is a Public Comfort Measures Class at a location in person.