The Birth and Bereavement Doula supports families:

  • experiencing birth
  • enduring bereavement
  • facing any event where birth & bereavement may meet

                       A Birth and Bereavement Doula can support families experiencing:

  • birth in any trimester, and in any outcome
  • unconventional loss, which may include adoption or surrogacy
  • NICU care
  • “rainbow” subsequent live birth
  • full term, uncomplicated, live birth with no connection in any way to bereavement
  • newborn nutrition and lactation options
  • and more

    Benefits of Birth  Doula Support

  • Doulas supplement (not replace) childbirth professional / medical support to provide the following:
  • reduces overall Cesarean birth rate 50%
  • reduces the length of labor 25%
  • reduces Pitocin use 40%
  • reduces the need for forceps delivery 40
  • reduces requests for epidural pain relief 60%

    Benefits of  having a Bereavement Doula Support

  • Personal Doula support during miscarriage, stillbirth, fatal diagnosis or medical termination
  • comfort and reassurance during a difficult season
  • continued trauma informed care
  • provides information and supports for the grief and mourning process


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