A cascade of unnatural events happening one by one

Each one is connected somehow to the next until the full event is done

It will all be worth it, you determine, as you prepare to stay the day and leave by night

All the tools you have to use, not sure which ones you will or if you even might

Like setting up the dominoes in precision, one behind another, with a fraction of a twist left or to the right

Each decision is already being made by a cascade of emotions, fuelled by fight or flight

Fear is the deciding factor when informed consent needs to be made

Causing all the dominoes to come crashing down, in a resound of clashing cascade

Fear tension pain is the vicious cycle we constantly teach to break

Gentle living with bold courage for the next generation’s sake

Theatre theatrics played by the players

Each part played to drama perfection

Each gaining your trust, doing their job, acting with care and perfectly placed affection

The unwanted section not always necessary, yet the answer always seems to be the same

The governor of Rome is now in charge and has spoken; Caesar is his given name.

From Rome to London to around the world, the cards now dealt in spades

With one swift cut in many layers, the deck has been released by the sharpest blade

Just one more choice as you decide, which side effect with heartfelt tension you carefully choose

One decision in complication leads to your next; being the only one with a stake in the game, you can’t afford to lose

Weeks and months of learning and planning, all reduced to a simple induction

Your breath and breathing will never be enough to stop the cascade of intervention

Cascade is a herd mentality where they all make the same decision

A phenomenon witnessed and understood played out in timing and precision

If we wait, we will eventually get tired and yield to each and every suggestion

Till every domino is lying face down, in a cascade of unanswered questions

You just can’t stop this Cascade.

The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.

Radical Responsibility, personal power, and freedom are required for each parent to make decisions when birthing within or outside the medical system. Understanding how to own your choices and decisions and the outcome is vital