Wellness Advocate

Sunlight through trees

I love being healthy and I believe that we were created with the ability to heal ourselves. My belief is that when we go back to more natural methods and ways of living that we will ultimately experience an overall sense of well being in all areas of our lives.

I am forever reminded that health isn’t just physical, it is also mental, emotional and spiritual. We are very multi faceted beings and when one area in our life is out of balance it generally affects the remaining areas as well.

We need to begin to stop treating symptoms as the problem and begin to dig deeper into the root causes of what is actually the true issue. If we treat ourselves as a whole instead of just our parts that need fixing, then we are moving closer to wellness.

All of us go through different forms of trauma that forever change us, some for the good and others unfortunately become stuck and it begins to manifest as they try to move forward in their lives. Fear sets in and then we notice that we have phobias, we become dis- eased and even mentally trapped in the past unable to get past that moment that affected us, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Here in lies the true issue. We must begin to allow ourselves to find healing in each area,  not go and find a magic pill or a quick remedy to stop the symptoms fast, but a healthy, natural, wellness approach to healing ourselves for today and  for tomorrow.
“Straight from the Giving Tree”