Perinatal Bereavement

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As Birth and Bereavement Doula we provide bereavement  support to families experiencing perinatal loss or unique birth outcomes such as stillbirth, miscarriage, adoption, or choice termination in any trimester. Liaison as a support to grieving families, medical and birth professional as well as funeral planning and burial services.  We also provide professional, reputable community resources dedicated to aiding family throughout the loss process.

Sadly 1 in 4 women will experience the loss of a baby in their lifetime.

Unfortunately 6 in every 6000 births are stillborn

Regrettably 5 of every 1000 births  end in early infant death

Sometimes we learn during pregnancy that the outcome is not going to be what we hoped for. Sometimes we have to make decisions and plans that feel impossible to make. This can be an isolating time because our society isn’t used to or comfortable dealing with this kind of journey. This is where having a Bereavement Doula is beneficial.

We are qualified to provide support in various situations of sudden loss, carrying full term and NICU care.  A Bereavement Doula can support you physically with comfort measures, ensure your emotional, spiritual and physical needs are met and take care of the little things that can mean a lot during this difficult time. She will stay with you and walk the journey with you . It’s unfamiliar territory for many, but you still have options and there are ways that we can nurture you and honor your baby, create keepsakes that will help you in the future and connect you with community resources.

Prenatal  bereavement support is a free service  offered to anyone who is anticipating the loss of their unborn baby or facing a termination.

We also provide inner healing sessions for anyone that has not previously dealt with the loss of an infant and find that this can help with subsequent Rainbow pregnancies.


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