What is a Doula’s role?

The Doula’s role is “designed to provide a nurturing, helpful, and objective supporter so that the family member chosen to be present does not have sole responsibility for the labor. It is not an attempt to interfere with the relationship between the woman and her partner or other family member.”
A Doula helps the mother prepare for and carry out her plans for the birth. She can suggest various positions and comfort measures to help labor progress and reduce the pain of labor. She can also facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and her caregivers.

The Doula recognizes that childbirth is a key experience the mother will remember for a lifetime and helps to make that experience as satisfying and empowering for the mother as she can.

Although many parents attend childbirth classes today, they sometimes find it difficult to integrate what they learned in class with the actual experience of labor. A doula can help to bridge the gap.

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