Birthing with Courage Model



The definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Also to be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.
Fear in childbirth is an unpleasant emotion/ thought pattern caused by the belief that birth is dangerous and or causes severe pain.

During pregnancy many women find that at times they feel worried or scared of giving birth. Feelings of worry or nervousness may increase as the due date gets nearer.

In childbirth many pregnant woman have many unanswered questions. “How will I know I am in labor?” “How big will my baby be?” How long will the birth take?” “How will I behave during labor?”

These things are uncertain and for some people may be the cause of anxiety. Some women find that they actually feel very fearful. Fear of birth can range from having understandable legitimate fears, right through to being very fearful of even death.

  • 20% of pregnant moms feel fearful during pregnancy, especially if it is their first baby.( 80%)

  • 13% of women delay becoming pregnant because of fear.

  • 6% of women find this fear disabling, taking over their life.

There are many reasons why women may be fearful of giving birth, but here are a few common causes:

  • Learned fear:Negative ideas about periods, sex, pregnancy and birth learnt while growing up can affect confidence in our bodies and how they work. Difficult birth stories are retold more than easier ones. Increased medical management of pregnancy and birth can sometimes add to our belief that birth is dangerous.

  • General anxiety: You may be prone to anxiety, “a bit of a worrier”. Others in your family may also be worriers.

  • Trauma and abuse:Experiences of rape and childhood sexual abuse can be factors. Those who have previously had a traumatic experience giving birth may also suffer.

Pain -Fear- Tension  Cycle as apposed to Love-Courage- Relaxation

According to the Fear Tension Pain theory of pain management, the fear (or stress) a woman experiences during labor causes her body to react in ways that increase the pain. The originator of this theory, Dr. Dick-Read, hypothesized labor was not inherently painful. He believed the pain in labor was largely due to the fear of labor prevalent in the culture. He taught the birth canal could be obstructed by this fear. As the labor becomes dysfunctional, the pain increases and the mother’s fear of what is happening increases and so increases the tension she feels and increases the pain which then cycles back to increase her fear.

The first thing to do is to acknowledge your fear. As a natural part of being a human being we all have them. But the important thing is to uncover and address your specific fears prior to labor. Labor is controlled by your sub-conscious mind, not your conscious mind. Fear in labor produces excess amounts of stress hormones in our body that can tighten up your muscles and limit the supply of oxygen to your uterus and your baby.

FAITH. Faith is believing that all is well. Faith is understanding that God does not want us to suffer in birth or in life. Faith is trusting that our bodies were designed to give birth safely and painlessly.

Faith is not the opposite of reason. Having faith does not mean that we sit back and do nothing during our pregnancy. When we have faith, we understand the psychological origins for the majority of pain and problems most women encounter in labor and we do our best to face and conquer our fears.

Having faith is the first step towards eliminating the fear/tension/pain cycle that most women experience in labor, for faith leads to relaxation, and relaxation leads to pleasure.

So, to alleviate the pain we must eliminate the fear.

In the Bible it states that:

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

Love is a powerful force- Love or intimacy releases oxytocin which leads to a whole lot of natural endorphins that aid in the birthing process. Love also causes you to feel safe, secure, gives you a sense of identity and belonging that aids you to be courageous in the most extreme circumstances.

What can you do if you feel fearful?

  • Join a pregnancy/prenatal class:   Preparing for labor through education, birth planning and mental/emotional work can stop the cycle at the fear point  and give you more confidence.

  • Get a Doula : A Doula is trained to assist the birthing mother to alleviate fear and pain during labor and delivery in numerous ways.

  • Talk about it:Write out your fears and explain your feelings to your spouse or birth partner.

  • Have a positive attitude:Women’s bodies are made to give birth. Most births are straightforward. Surround yourself with positive stories. Believe that you can give birth with courage.

  • Find out the facts:Take control by reading up on your choices. This can include everything from where you have your baby, pain relief options and who you have with you.

  • Surround yourself with Love, loved ones, thoughts that make you feel safe and secure and remember that you belong.

  • Pray: Spiritual practices that take away stress, anxiety, and unbelief are helpful. Also the thought that a God is involved in the process is very empowering for some people.


Supernaturally Blessed Womb

Unborn Baby

I have had many questions from women who have felt that they thought they were in the early stages of pregnancy, but the doctor report or pregnancy test said otherwise. They soon afterwards began to spot or cramp and experienced what seemed like early symptoms of  a miscarriage. This experience can leave  some women with feelings of uncertainty and concern.

I often share my testimony where 3 of my 5 children were false negative tests and were not confirmed positive until almost 3 months pregnant, yet knowing my body I knew that I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms and acted accordingly. Faith was required for something I could not see.

Sometimes in the event of a negative pregnancy test, it does not always mean that you are not pregnant, merely that there was not a high enough concentration of HCG found to register as positive. That means a test in two days might produce a different result, or even the same result and yet you may still be pregnant.

In Birthing Supernaturally I share how my faith in God, myself and my body and not in the symptoms, reports or doctors negative comments helped me to Believe, Receive and Conceive.

I also have lost an infant to miscarriage so I understand what that is like as well and have listed a few things you can do if you find yourself in either of these situations. (please note each person deals with loss differently and in very unique timing)

  1. Pray with someone to remove any negative fear, doubt, guilt or unbelief that may have come in when you suspected you were pregnant or miscarrying, whether through the mother or the father or other family members.
  2. Reject any negative words, proclamations or reports that you were given from doctors, nurses, midwives, spouse etc… ( Bless them, just reject the power of their words over you as a professional)
  3. When you are ready bless your womb to remain supernaturally fertile and able to continue to bear fruit in the right season.
  4. Release and bless any (maybe baby) that may or may not have been in your womb back to God. This act of letting go to God is very powerful, even with the uncertainty of not knowing for sure. Many women call these baby angels.
  5. Forgive yourself of any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions or actions that may have occurred during this process. (Give yourself Grace in the process)
  6. Renew your mind with positive words and scripture that declare the blessings of God towards you and your family.
  7. Close any doorways that may hinder your ability to receive your future promises from God. Example-  setting your own agenda and timing for having children or not treating your body like a precious vessel.

I also recommend that you wait and see. Now please don`t worry and see, but wait on God and see. Time usually reveals truth.

If  this is not the case and you believe you may have experienced an early stage miscarriage we encourage you to go through the process of telling your story and even following some of the healing exercises for those that experience perinatal loss.

Acknowledge to yourself that those feelings and emotions are real even though you are not sure and can`t prove it. We  support you through this process.


What is a Doula’s role?

The Doula’s role is “designed to provide a nurturing, helpful, and objective supporter so that the family member chosen to be present does not have sole responsibility for the labor. It is not an attempt to interfere with the relationship between the woman and her partner or other family member.”
A Doula helps the mother prepare for and carry out her plans for the birth. She can suggest various positions and comfort measures to help labor progress and reduce the pain of labor. She can also facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and her caregivers.

The Doula recognizes that childbirth is a key experience the mother will remember for a lifetime and helps to make that experience as satisfying and empowering for the mother as she can.

Although many parents attend childbirth classes today, they sometimes find it difficult to integrate what they learned in class with the actual experience of labor. A doula can help to bridge the gap.

Belly bump

Birthing Supernaturally Doula

What is a  Birthing Supernaturally Doula?

A Birthing Supernaturally Doula is someone who provides non-clinical support, emotional and spiritual care to a pregnant woman, her partner and family during pregnancy, labor and delivery. We are certified, trained and experienced in childbirth and have good knowledge and awareness of how the female body works. A Doula does not do the doctor or midwife’s job… she stays by your side to help and coach you throughout your labor and delivery whether you are in a hospital or at home. We help provide natural comfort measures, methods and techniques that are geared towards your faith and belief that a woman’s body was created to give birth in a beautiful spiritual way. 

We follow the Birthing Supernaturally method, assisting with eliminating fear and anxiety surrounded around birth. By providing detailed  information about your options for labor and delivery to help you create your optimum birth wish list, we encourage and foster confidence in the goal of a healthy mother, healthy baby birth experience.

We are dedicated  to develop each client and Doula relationship through prayer, practical assistance and emotional support. We offer extended private and public prenatal classes, inner healing counselling, spiritual massage, birthing supernaturally relaxation techniques and Doula Dance classes.

Our method consists of the following topics:

Birthing without fear

Overcoming birth challenges

Bonding before birth

Blessing within the womb

Baby Whisperer

Creating your birth story

Supernatural preparation exercises

Labor and delivery comfort techniques


The Giving Tree Services

The Giving Tree Services

The Giving Tree Services

Based on the book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree Services is about the beautiful nature of giving of the natural resources that are at our disposal for love, health, wellness and happiness.  We believe in the Tree of Life offering us better choices and better ways to live. Our services are for any and everyone that is seeking a natural, safe and proven solution to overall well being.

We offer a variety of services

Birthing Supernaturally Doula

Bereavement and Perinatal loss Doula

Doula Dance  Movement specialist

Spiritual massage therapist

Inner Healing facilitator

Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

UR Designed Identity Life coach