On Monday May 16th at Mount Sinai Hospital a monumental event catapulted a movement into motion as healthcare professionals, perinatal organizations and bereaved families all came together  for the first ever Pregnancy & Infant Loss Summit.

Throughout the day multiple speakers shared how the current medical system deals with women who experience miscarriage, still births, or early infant deaths. They also spoke on how vital and necessary it is that there be a transformation in healthcare practices needed to support women, medically and psychologically.

The photo above is of two birth and bereavement Doulas with a doctor from Mount Sinai and MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence Mike Colle, who was instrumental in the organization and implementation of the Summit.

Mike Colle along with many pregnancy and loss professionals believes that Ontario needs to implement proper health care options to deal with the 30,000 distressed mothers who experience infant loss each year. Events such as this Summit is a great start in giving a voice to bereaved families, while breaking the silence and bringing awareness to the general public.

This comes after the historic passing of Bill 141: The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, Research and Care Act in December 2015. It was the first known healthcare legislation of its kind in North America.

Supernaturally Blessed Womb

Unborn Baby

I have had many questions from women who have felt that they thought they were in the early stages of pregnancy, but the doctor report or pregnancy test said otherwise. They soon afterwards began to spot or cramp and experienced what seemed like early symptoms of  a miscarriage. This experience can leave  some women with feelings of uncertainty and concern.

I often share my testimony where 3 of my 5 children were false negative tests and were not confirmed positive until almost 3 months pregnant, yet knowing my body I knew that I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms and acted accordingly. Faith was required for something I could not see.

Sometimes in the event of a negative pregnancy test, it does not always mean that you are not pregnant, merely that there was not a high enough concentration of HCG found to register as positive. That means a test in two days might produce a different result, or even the same result and yet you may still be pregnant.

In Birthing Supernaturally I share how my faith in God, myself and my body and not in the symptoms, reports or doctors negative comments helped me to Believe, Receive and Conceive.

I also have lost an infant to miscarriage so I understand what that is like as well and have listed a few things you can do if you find yourself in either of these situations. (please note each person deals with loss differently and in very unique timing)

  1. Pray with someone to remove any negative fear, doubt, guilt or unbelief that may have come in when you suspected you were pregnant or miscarrying, whether through the mother or the father or other family members.
  2. Reject any negative words, proclamations or reports that you were given from doctors, nurses, midwives, spouse etc… ( Bless them, just reject the power of their words over you as a professional)
  3. When you are ready bless your womb to remain supernaturally fertile and able to continue to bear fruit in the right season.
  4. Release and bless any (maybe baby) that may or may not have been in your womb back to God. This act of letting go to God is very powerful, even with the uncertainty of not knowing for sure. Many women call these baby angels.
  5. Forgive yourself of any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions or actions that may have occurred during this process. (Give yourself Grace in the process)
  6. Renew your mind with positive words and scripture that declare the blessings of God towards you and your family.
  7. Close any doorways that may hinder your ability to receive your future promises from God. Example-  setting your own agenda and timing for having children or not treating your body like a precious vessel.

I also recommend that you wait and see. Now please don`t worry and see, but wait on God and see. Time usually reveals truth.

If  this is not the case and you believe you may have experienced an early stage miscarriage we encourage you to go through the process of telling your story and even following some of the healing exercises for those that experience perinatal loss.

Acknowledge to yourself that those feelings and emotions are real even though you are not sure and can`t prove it. We  support you through this process.


Becoming a Family

Many people are having more and more difficulty conceiving and carrying their baby to full term. The term miscarriage has become something that is so common and expected in our day that most families keep secret the joy of finding out they are expecting a baby until the first trimester is over to ensure that they do not have to endure the difficulty and awkwardness of later explaining what happened.  Many mothers live with the fear of being unable to host their fetus for those first few delicate months when their baby is developing and forming. They are busy working jobs, being busy, enduring stress and tension all of which do not aid in this life giving adventure that they so long to enjoy.

Many women have the secret pain of already having gone through a miscarriage once or more times and not being able to deal with it properly as society has downgraded their loss to nothing more than a blip in the period cycle and not a real emotional, physical, spiritual trauma that stays with both mother and father.  They have lost a child. Not a fetus, not a lump of tissue but a potential member of their family, maybe a boy  or a girl, but definitely a baby that they wanted to become.  For those that have experienced this it is real and having another baby doesn’t make the loss just go away. It is always there no mater what trimester or week in the pregnancy the loss occurred, it can still be quite painful.

We need to recognize and begin to treat perinatal and infant loss as a real area of bereavement that can hinder couples, women and families in their future if not handled correctly. The grief is real and when denied or skipped over to acceptance too early can impede the healthy process of learning how to deal with loss. Health Caregivers in the community need to recognize this untreated area and begin to have more dialogue on how we can help to bring this matter to the forefront. The time for change has come.

We need to give a voice to those that may never be born into this world but have already been born into a family’s heart. Lets light a candle and remember them.