Birthing Supernaturally Doula

What is a  Birthing Supernaturally Doula?

A Birthing Supernaturally Doula is someone who provides non-clinical support, emotional and spiritual care to a pregnant woman, her partner and family during pregnancy, labor and delivery. We are certified, trained and experienced in childbirth and have good knowledge and awareness of how the female body works. A Doula does not do the doctor or midwife’s job… she stays by your side to help and coach you throughout your labor and delivery whether you are in a hospital or at home. We help provide natural comfort measures, methods and techniques that are geared towards your faith and belief that a woman’s body was created to give birth in a beautiful spiritual way. 

We follow the Birthing Supernaturally method, assisting with eliminating fear and anxiety surrounded around birth. By providing detailed  information about your options for labor and delivery to help you create your optimum birth wish list, we encourage and foster confidence in the goal of a healthy mother, healthy baby birth experience.

We are dedicated  to develop each client and Doula relationship through prayer, practical assistance and emotional support. We offer extended private and public prenatal classes, inner healing counselling, spiritual massage, birthing supernaturally relaxation techniques and Doula Dance classes.

Our method consists of the following topics:

Birthing without fear

Overcoming birth challenges

Bonding before birth

Blessing within the womb

Baby Whisperer

Creating your birth story

Supernatural preparation exercises

Labor and delivery comfort techniques


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